Luxury in Tradition

Modern handcrafted knitwear inspired by traditional patterns.

Why Luxury in Tradition?

My brand Luxury in Tradition is focusing on unique and stylish knitwear, where the world of ancestor’s patterns meets modern design and luxury materials.

All the knits are handcrafted with love and designed to meet your individuality.

About Us

Heli V. Järv


My first education is in science, but my first love is art and craft. As a school girl I attended handicraft classes for 12 years. Later I studied to be an artisan of folk costumes and worked as a handicraft teacher, educating and inspiring other people. My special passion is yarn, knitting needles and the magical world of patterns. My mission is to create clothing that reveals the owner's individuality that helps to express their inner self, their own identity and uniqueness. By combining the knitting techniques with modern design and materials, we get knitwear which have a greater value than their price. Review of my works can be found in the book "Luxury in Tradition. Knitwear for every Season".